Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee

Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee

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Ethiopia Sidamo coffee is distinguished by a rare, outstanding flavour. Beans from Sidamo region are famous for their fruitiness with a hint of spices and citrus. Those seemingly unattractive beans taste delicious after roasting. 

Their flavour is very well balanced. Mild acidity of fruit and delicate nectar sweetness, lack of bitterness and spectacular flavour of maple syrup accompanied by the unusual sweet citrus and floral aroma... All those features make the brew a delightful sensory experience.

This coffee has especially complex flavour, slightly fruity and chocolatey with a hint of prune, tangible notes of blueberries, sweet cherries, spices and sugar cane sweetness with a long-lasting aftertaste. Exquisite and complex aroma of flowers, honey, various fruits, and hot spices floats over the brew.